About Beads

Thanks for this opportunity! I have collected and sold beads and artifacts for the past 21 years. My travels have included Thailand, Burma, Italy, Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, London, and many shows in the states. My like of old beads started with some Africans, Liza Watagani, Bob Hendler, Walt Seigfreid and many others, which led to learning as much as I can. My dZi bead collection was featured in Arts of Asia magazine in 2000, in a very informative and research project by Jamey Allen. I am not sure if I could narrow “My Favorite” bead or jewel. I appreciate the precision, vision and talent required to create these beauties. I think I’ve learned more about history while researching beads, their mysticism, and origin then I did in school….While traveling to these other countries and speaking to trades from these countries their stories about what they were selling were so rich and inviting. (Something the US is too young to have….) Not only was i enthralled by the stories but thinking about how such a bead or artifacts was made without the tools of today – amazing. As a jewelry designer (DKD Jewellry Designs) I truly enjoy mixing old and new, playing with the colors and textures the beads provide, and creating an amazing design.

Books I have tattered over the years include: Africa Adorned, The Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry, Ethnic Jewelry, Naga: Tribal Adornment, Magical Ancient Beads, Collectible Beads, The History of Beads, The Universal Bead, Peter Francis Jr books and writings, The Picard Collection of books, Glass beads from Europe, A Bead Primer, More beautiful Purses, Ornament magazine, Beads magazine, Jewelry of Nepal, dZi beads, Perles d’ Afrique, perle veneziane, pumtek, Jewelry 7000 Years, Les perles, Old Jewelry, mexican silver to name a few ( I have more – just the above are my favorites…). I know this is a long list – but if you think about how long beadds have been cherished and valued – its no wonder!