About Griffin Silk Thread

There is no simpler, quicker, or better way to thread beads. The twisted stainless steel needle at the end of the cord saves threading time. You can knot the cord easily because the thread has the correct twist.
Approx. 79″ (2 meters) of thread per card.

GRIFFIN Bead Cord is more than just any common thread.

During their manufacture GRIFFIN Bead Cord threads receive the precise number of twists under optimal tension in order to prevent fraying as well as tangling and knotting. This precision is the key to our world-famous threads and their unmistakable quality.

The carded Bead Cord have a special stringing needle attached, which does away with cumbersome threading and doubling of the thread during stringing.

There is no simpler, faster or more convincing way to thread pearls, stones or glass beads.

GRIFFIN carded Bead Cord is available in three different qualities:

* 100% Natural Silk
Silk has been the traditional material for stringing beads for centuries. Pure natural silk feels incredibly soft and smooth. Silk threads have good tensile strength and little stretch and can therefore be easily worked with and knotted. Necklaces made with natural silk drape naturally around the contours of the body and always project a look of elegance and beauty.

GRIFFIN 100% Natural Silk is made exclusively from the high-grade filament of the silk cocoon. Only this sleek thread has the characteristic lustre and the irresistible natural beauty of pure natural silk.

The best of the best!

GRIFFIN 100% Natural Silk thread is available in 20 natural colors and 13 different thicknesses. The individual cards have two meters (approx. 79”) of 100% natural thread with a stainless steel needle attached.