Braided Bracelet Class Review

gbi-blogA student at one of our Braided Bracelet classes recently posted about her experience on the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce website.

We’ve posted an excerpt of her review. Read the teaser and then visit the website to read the entire review.

I went to a jewelry making class this week at Global Beads. It was called Braided Bracelets. The store was closed and the instructor, Kathleen, who is also the owner of the store, is incredibly knowledgeable and gave each student lots of guidance and direction. I really liked that she didn’t just show how to make the bracelets, but she told us all kinds of tricks to make it easier and faster. Her emphasis was on teaching the technique, so that the students would be able to go home and make more, instead of just helping everyone finish their bracelet in an hour and a half.

I’ve been going to Global Beads since they first opened. Did you know that the original Global Beads was in Los Altos over 20 years ago? Yes, that’s when I first met Kathleen. I remember bringing in half-finished projects or things that were broken and asking her to show me what to do. I still have the little beading pliers that she sold me over 20 years ago.

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