About Global Beads, Inc.

Global Beads, Inc. (GBI) is located in the heart of downtown Mountain View, CA. I founded this store 28.5 years ago, watched it grow and evolve to a 5000 square foot store. Due to COVID – we are closing our store – hours are limited.  Please call or text 650-967-7556 or check our Facebook Page.

We have an extensive array of new and old collectible beads. Visit our “Old World” to see the dZi (gZi) bead, Venetian trades beads, Pyu period beads, bactrain agates, Turkoman Jewelry, 300 year old chevrons, 2000+ year old Islamic glass and stone to name a few. We also offer a great assortment of Silver and Gold beads, new beads and findings. And we continue to offer new products to our already large selection of beads, jewelry and books.

Enjoy or “Emporium of Treasures”, where you will find fabulous vintage, antique and collectible “treasures that complement our limited edition designer jewelry created by the owner Kathleen McCabe Jewellry Designs. For those of you who want to learn to design and finish jewelry the way professionals do, join one of our many beading classes. If you would rather have us repair or design a custom piece for you we can do that too! See our restringing services in Services.

I started Global Beads in 1992, in downtown Mountain View. Over the years it has grown, changed, and I continually learn to do a better job at multiple things. Some of which are a better product mix, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and easier shopping while in the store due to our constant organization. We, employees and owners, have learned to listen to our customers’ requests and do our best to fulfill them. We do this by having knowledgeable, willing employees, and suppliers that share this same commitment.

Our offerings include a huge selection of beads, findings, and cording. An exclusive jewelry collection designed by founder, Kathleen McCabe. This line includes “Splendor” – evening jewels, “White Gown” our wedding line, “Things Past”, World on a String and “Everyday Fun”, Thin Blue Line, and DODjewelry.

We also offer a full custom design service, as well as repairs and restringing.

About the Owner

Kathleen McCabe started Global Beads over 30 years ago. Her love of folk art, art history,  jewelry, and collectible beads enables her to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. A native Californian, her work is influenced by her travels abroad to Italy and Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, and other European countries, as well as her network of  African, Indonesian, Burmese, Nepalese, and Pakistani travelers.  She creates pieces very few others can,  thanks to her vast collection gathered over the many years.

Business Hours

After 28.5 years, I am closing my physical store.

Current hours are: Text our store phone to make an appointment or check on hours on our facebook page.


Feel free to email, or text for an appointment outside of stated times.




Testimonials from Global Beads Customers

fixed-braceletA treasured bracelet began to come undone – the fine thread that held the beads together had broken. I took it to a local jeweler who advertised “jewelry repair” and he would not even look at it. He said he knew no one who could do that kind of work and suggested I Google “exquisite beading repair”. I did just that and got in touch with Kathleen.

What a find! I sent her pictures of the bracelet and have been so pleased with her service. She was prompt in her communication, precise in her description of what needed to be done (repair using a loom), and confident in her ability to make my bracelet whole again. She obliged my request for pictures of the repair process. And she stayed true to the timeline she initially told me for repair and return of the bracelet.

It arrived in the mail today, and it is as good as new. I will absolutely use her expertise again, and I’ve referred my sister to her for the repair of a bracelet that has languished in a Baggie in a drawer for years. I have zero hesitation in recommending her services – I know you will be pleased!
Karen Schneller

I think Links & Wraps is a must for the beginner who wants to learn the proper techniques to use wire in their beading hobby. The staff at Global Beads, Inc. are patient and have the know-how to answer all possible questions. I took both the initial class and an optional secondary follow-up to this class which I highly recommend for all beading hobbyists. I found that in each class the instruction was consistent and repetitive without deviation from initial instruction. I now have made several pieces of which I have received many compliments.
Gina Kaitlen

I’m a new beading enthusiast and found Global Beads in Mountain View and when I learned they offered classes, I was thrilled. I took their basic beading class and thought it was an excellent class for beginning beaders. The instructors were well prepared and true professionals. It was clear their goal was to teach the best beading techniques and methods. Written documentation was provided (3 pages) and something you would use on an ongoing basis. I felt some comfortable asking questions and also felt like I could go back into the shop at any time to ask questions. I would highly recommend these classes! It was a very enjoyable evening!
Beth Woodworth

I recommend Basic Stringing for the beginner and those of us who have some stringing experience. The plain, straightforward instruction has increased my ability to make necklaces and bracelets of which I am very proud. The expertise at the shop eliminates haphazard shopping in choosing beads and supplies for this class. Take “Basic Stringing” if you are serious about learning the right techniques of stringing beads!
Gina Kaitlen

The self-proclaimed largest bead store on this side of the Mississippi offers its clientel an array of jewelry-making classes from basic stringing and pearl knotting to links and wraps. In addition to its wide selection of beads and jewels, Global Beads recently incorporated a clothing boutique — making this shop a killer combo.
The Wave Magazine

In Short – This wildly popular bead craft store runs in a very eclectic vein. It specializes in exotic beads and unique focal pieces from Indonesia, India, Asia, Czechoslovakia, the Philippines and elsewhere. Strands of freshwater pearls glow in many shades of white, black, pink, blue, brown and green. And beads of every size, color and shape imaginable–in glass, crystal, semi-precious and precious stone, wood and metal–are sorted by type and sectioned out in easy-to-cruise aisles.