Beading Classes

Learn the foundation of jewelry designing and making beaded jewelry, its tools and structure, and the distinctions of the cording and findings used in this profession.
Using a single silk cord, you will learn how to knot beads in a traditional method. Knotting adds flexibility, beauty and protection to your beads.
A beautiful long necklace that sparkles. So easy to wear!
A class to "work" with wire and beads, and learn how to use your tools. The skills taught in this class are essential to any other type of wire class.
With this skill you can add some design elements to your existing loops, add coils to the top of beads for earring drops or the ends of chains. Or make your clasps.
In this class, you will learn the weave required to make these bracelets from start to finish, as well as a double overhand knot.
Using a basic braid, we will “lock” beads in place, creating a frame around each bead.
Learn the basics of Macrame’. Review optional closures.
In this class we will improve out macrame skills. Using smaller beads and cord, and a selection of new knots. We will demonstrate the slide knot closure. Some macrame experience, and know of basic knots.
A fishtail braid resembles a French braid in its smoothly woven appearance, but divides the hair into only two sections instead of three.
Learn the basic setup, braiding and finishing options using a Kumihimo Disc.
Once you have the practiced the basics of Kumihimo, add beads and design braids with more strands!
After you have mastered Basic Kumihimo and Kumihimo with beads, join us for your next Kumihimo adventure.
We will practice different weave options and review closure options.
Tassels are everywhere! Accent a beaded necklace, make a lariat with two tassels, a beaded tassel zipper pull … so many more!
An all season drops with bling! We all need practice making loops so lets make a fun drop as earrings to the bottom of a necklace.
A core Indian beadwork stitch that creates a beautiful offset pattern of woven beads.
Using a Ricks Beading Loom, we will teach you the setup, weaving and finishing skills to complete a loomed bracelet.
This class will review multiple decorative elements and closure options once you have completed a loomed piece or a peyote piece.
Using 1 to 3 colors we will create this beautiful and simple bracelet.
Learn how to make these bling wrap bracelets, we have improved upon the current methods and we like it!
This class is designed to practice finishing knots and decorative knots most frequently used on jewelry cords and leather.
A great way to practice making loops with wire, playing with texture and color, and at the same time making this adorable bracelet.
An all season pair of earrings with bling! Using wood dowels, pliers and crystals create this crowd pleaser!
Create these wonderful spiders! Make them realistic or pretty – either way they are bound to be a hit!
An ancient and elegant pattern whose intricate design is beautiful in one metal, and becomes striking when you create this with two metals.