Braided Bracelet

Using a basic braid, we will “lock” beads in place, creating a frame around each bead in the Braided Bracelet class. Choose a bead down the center or two smaller beads on the outsides! Both a fun and fashionable look.

These look great stacked or singly. We will make a single wrap in this class.

You my choose 6/0 metal or 5/0 glass seedbeads.

Note: Not all 6/0 glass seedbeads will fit on 1mm cord. 1mm waxed cord or 1mm leather.


4.5 feet 1mm waxed cord or 1mm leather
6/0 metal Seedbeads or 5/0 or 6/0 glass seedbeads or 4mm cubes. (Any bead that will fit on your cord)
1 Button (must fit on cord)

Tools Required

Hypo tube cement if using leather
Spring Clamps


Length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $45 (materials and tools not included)