Chainmail Bracelet

This Chainmail Bracelet class teaches you the most basic chainmaille patterns. Used for protection (Amour) in the days of knights. The word chainmail is of relatively recent coinage, having been in use only since the 1700s; prior to this it was referred to simply as mail.The word itself refers to the armour material, not the garment made from it. Mail was a highly successful type of armor and was used by nearly every metalworking culture in North Africa, Europe, and Asia. Its use spans from around 300 B.C. to the dawn of the 20th century and beyond, a period of over 2500 years. Today it remains in limited use in stab vests and a number of other applications. It is also used in reenactments, decorative uses and jewelry. Source: Wikipedia

Class is taught at Global Beads, Inc. 345 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041. Click “Register Now” to see a list of upcoming dates and times.

Tools Required:
$40 (materials and tools not included)
1.5 hours
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