Knotted Crystal Briolette Necklace

A beautiful long necklace that sparkles. So easy to wear! A good class choice to learn to knot between beads, or improve and practice knotting! We will demonstrate ending options in class.

To take this class, you must have previously taken the Pearl Knotting class.


100 to 180 4mm or 64 to 120 6mm bicone or round crystal
1 briolette or charm for bottom of necklace
6-8 6mm crystals for accent in body of necklace (optional)
1-3 accent size crystals for above Briolette
2 beadtips and clasp if desired

Tools Required

#5 Tweezers
Beading Flat Pad
Thread scissors
New Super Glue
2 plastic bobbins
Hypo tube cement


Length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $45.00 (materials and tools not included)