Kumihimo with Beads

Once you have the practiced the basics on how to use a Kumihimo disc and create a basic 8 strand braid, the next step is to add beads, as well as design braids with more strands!

Beaded Kumihimo requires more prep time, but the end result is worth it. This involves a little more prep time before you get started but the results are well worth it. The size of stringing material will be determined by the hole size in the beads.

We will start an 8 strand beaded Kumihimo braid and show you options of different start methods and complete what we can in this fun 1.5 hr class.

Optional at home prep: Cut 4 lengths of 48” regular S-Lon thread. Prestring 50 4mm beads on each strand.


Regular SLON thread
Size 4mm Firepolish rounds, or 4mm glass rounds or 4mm Presciosa rounds

Tools Required

6″ Kumihimo Disc
New Super Glue
8 weighted bobbins
1 center weight


Length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $45.00 (materials and tools not included)