Links and Earrings

The Links and Earrings class is designed to combine wire and beads. The techniques taught in this class are a necessity to any other type of wire class. This is a beginner class that teaches you how to form wire into loops, coils and wraps with lots of emphasis on uniformity.

Learn the proper way to open and close loops so they don’t loose their shape, how to determine the right length of wire needed for each bead section which enables you to create a bead chain.

You will learn what each tool is designed for and the right tool for each job.

“I think Links & Wraps is a must for the beginner who wants to learn the proper techniques to use wire in their beading hobby. The staff at Global Beads, Inc. are patient and have the know how to answer all possible questions. I took both the initial class and an optional secondary follow-up to this class which I highly recommend for all beading hobbyists. I found that in each class the instruction was consistent and repetitive without deviation from initial instruction. I now have made several pieces of which I have received many compliments.” — Gina Kaitlen


4 22 gauge headpins (No artistic wire)
22 gauge wire
10 8mm or larger Beads
4 to 6 metal or glass accent beads
2 earring fishooks
Velvet Bead Pad

Tools Required

Round Nose Pliers (non serrated tools)
Chain Nose Pliers (non serrated tools)
Wire cutters


Length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $45.00 (materials and tools not included)