School of Hard Knots

The School of Hard Knots class is designed to practice finishing knots and decorative knots most frequently used on jewelry cords and leather. Overhand knots, double over-hand knots, slide knot, square knots, half-hitches button knot and more.

Ideal as finishng knots, adjustable knots and bracelet knots.


6 to 8 feet of 1mm cord: leather or other non-waxed cord: (necklace) we will use this for our project for this class
1 – 2 buttons for practice – must fit on 1mm cord
15 – 30 beads – must fit on 1mm cord
6/0 metal seedbeads for accent – must fit on 1mm cord

Tools Required

1 pair of cord cutters
1 flat nose pliers


Length: 1.5 hours

Cost: $45.00 (materials and tools not included)