DKD Jewellry Designs

DKD Jewellry Designs

Jewelry designed and created by president of Global Beads, Inc. Kathleen McCabe

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DKD Jewellry Designs

Always seeking knowledge and learning new skills in her travels, Ms. McCabe has combined her knowledge, skills and background of the many different beads which are reflective of each and every piece she makes, giving each and every piece a story and why DKD Jewellry Designs pieces are limited editions and/or one of kind pieces of art to wear.

I have redesigned Grandma’s old “vintage” necklace from the 1920’s that fit a 12” neck and updated to fit the contemporary stylish gal of the 21st century. I use an assortment of collectible beads, new beads, and vintage beads.  They may be ancient glass beads or ancient stone beads, no matter what I choose the final piece is “Art” for your body!


“My designs can be part of a series, or one of kind.”

Custom Designed Jewelry

You can bring in a dress, a blouse, or a color scheme, and we will create a custom necklace just for that special occasion. Many times you will find a great dress or outfit and have a difficult time finding jewelry to compliment it. We custom design necklaces, earrings and bracelets for your size. You can choose( with our help if you like), the length, the colors, and the style and within one week have custom designed jewelry. You may want contrasting brown knots between your turquoise beads, or you may want a necklace that is 23” long with a clasp on the side.

Jewelry Repairs

A lot of us have bought a necklace while on vacation, only to have it break the second or worse yet, the first time we wear it…..Quite a few necklaces available are trendy and look great for a season or two, what we create is “timeless”. The necklaces, earrings and bracelets, we design for your wedding, a special day, or just “cuz” can be treasured and worn again dressed up with a simple black dress or dressed down with a white collar blouse and blue jeans. We know the beads don’t go bad, but the design may go out of style. I string it on “Soft-flex” wire with crimp beads to lengthen its life, from fishing line and knots that always seem to break while having lunch in a cozy restaurant. Give us the opportunity to wow you with what we can do!

Basic services we provide are knotting between beads with the appropriate size silk thread, rosary links or wire wraps on either or both sides of a bead, and stringing on the best material made when knots or links are not desired.

We will not compromise our work by using existing thread, wire, or low quality or material not designed for beading. With over 20 years experience with jewelry we have our “Tried and True” list of materials and methods.

(See price sheet) These are approximate costs only. In order to give a firm quote we must see the project you wish us to do. These costs are labor only and do not include any materials we use. Materials used can be estimated when we see the project to be done. Reorganization of beads provided $1.00 additional per inch.

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