Restringing Services

Restringing Services

I have been doing repairs for over 20 years and, designing my own jewelry (Don’Kay Designs) and still to this day, cannot, without certainty, give a firm cost to any repair without having to see it first.

What I do know, is, over the years, the materials (string, clasps etc.) being used on most necklaces are insufficient. I am always surprised to find fishing line and barrel clasps on some of the most expensive necklaces. Consequently, I do not use these materials for our repairs, or for that matter any of the jewelry that I create. It is my commitment to use the best materials available with all the repairs performed here at GBI, Inc.

Below is the cost structure.

NOTE: These costs are labor only and do not include any materials we use. Materials to be used will be assessed by me or my staff at which time material costs can be determined. Minimum charge on all repairs is $6.00.

Knotting: Using Silk or Nylon thread $1.75 to $5 .50 per inch

“Soft-flex wire or Stretch Magic (elastic cord): $1.50 to $5.00 per inch. Price varies due to size of beads.  (no knots between beads).


Custom Design: $100.00 per hour

For any repairs or restringing that is not listed please bring it to the store and we will quote it then.

Reminder: We cannot quote a repair unless we see the piece to be repaired.

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