Fishtail Beaded Bracelet




Fishtail braid: A fishtail braid resembles a French braid in its smoothly woven appearance, but divides the hair into only two sections instead of three. A small piece of each section is passed over to the other section over and over to form the braid. This style was called the “Grecian braid” in the 19th century.

Class time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Materials Needed

  • 6 feet 1mm leather or cord. (beads must fit on this cord)
  • 6″ of beads
  • 1 Button (must fit on 1.5mm cord)
  • 3 feet of 1.5mm leather
  • Large hole bead (Optional)

Tools Required

  • Clipboard or Black tray
  • Cutters
  • New Super Glue

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