Islamic Eye Beads – Roman Eye RG19


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Ancient Roman Eye Beads, from the Islamic Era –

_‹ÐD”jenne-D”jeno or sometimes spelled Jenne-Jeno and the surrounding Niger River Basin is the main source of most Islamic and medieval ancient beads excavated in Africa. D”jenne dates back to 250 BC and is one of the oldest trading centers along the Saharan caravan routes which where a vital crossroads for the gold and salt trade. The ancient beads found in this area were made elsewhere and were imported along these ancient trade routes to D”jenne and other destinations. Even today the exact origins of these beads remain unclear and this topic fuels many a debate among bead collectors and bead researches alike. These ancient beads can date from 500 years old to around two thousands years old and are sometimes called dig beads._‹ African Bead source

I believe, as do other collectors and researchers, that these could date back a little older (6th century)as well as much more recent (12th-13th century), for all practical purposes I would describe them as _‹ÐIslamic_‹_.9-11 AD_‹

Strand measures: 42_‹_

Beads measure: round 8mmm to 11mm, Tube 8mm x 18mm to 10mm x 15mm

97 beads