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Fashion colored jewelry tools with contoured grip handle. Slip-resistant matte finish grips.

Round nose: These essential pliers have a variety of uses, such as creating loops, eye pins, clasps, jump rings, coils and curved bends. Put simply, these are a forming tool.

Chain nose: Chain nose pliers are a very versatile tool, used for gripping and manipulating wire, head pins and eye pins, as well as opening and closing jump rings and earring wires.

Flat nose: Flat nose pliers feature two flat jaws which are used for gripping and holding the wire, creating wider and broader angular bends, flattening and straightening metal and opening and closing jump rings.

Round/Flatnose: This tool features a gently curved half round jaw which is suitable for making large diameter loops and bending ring shank stock and a flat jaw that is less likely to dent the material being bent.

Bent chain nose pliers have a 45-degree bend for getting into tight places. They are typically used to create angled bends in wire, close bead tips, open and close jump rings, form loops, and pick up small parts.

Sidecutter: These standard wire cutters are suitable for head pins, eye pins and soft craft wire. They are not suitable for cutting memory wire, flex wire or steel wire.


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Dimensions 6 × 1 × 3 in


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