Turkoman Ersari – 79mm x 65mm


Sold by the pair

measures 79mm x 65mm id

opening 32mm x 37 mm and 37mm x 40mm

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Tekke jewelery from Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. 19th Century

The Tekke are a tribe of southern Turkmanistan and northern Afghanistan. Their jewelery is characterized by symmetrical design with the contrast between gold and silver. A thin layer of gold (gilding)is applied to the pendants and bracelets by heating a mixture of gold and quicksilver which evaporates fast. Tekke goldsmiths prefer to adorn jewelery with the semiprecious carnelian.

This pair bracelet has beautiful patterns and Carnelian inserts.

See _‹ÐBracelet Fit Guide_‹ Measure carefully as these may not be returned.